We began in humble surroundings, and never wavered from the values that resulted in success.



In 1919, Peter Fukunaga opened a two–car garage in Haleiwa. And as small as the business was, the principles established back then still form the foundation of our business today:

  • Satisfy customers
  • Have dedicated employees
  • Make a personal commitment to hard work

After moving to Wahiawa in the 1920s, Mr. Fukunaga held a contest to name his growing company. The $25 prize he offered was won by an Army Air Corps sergeant, who suggested 'Service Motor Company' because service was at the heart of the company's focus.

Satisfy Customers

Back then, during depression–era Hawaii, families were having difficulty paying cash for purchase. Mr. Fukunaga responded by creating an affiliate to help customers finance their purchases. Today, we continue to demonstrate those principles through the brands and products we represent, and supporting them with excellent customer service.

What Mr. Fukunaga preached, we still practice, "Provide the best products and services available, in order to meet customer needs."

Have Dedicated Employees

Peter Fukunaga believed in hiring dedicated employees and treating them fairly. Working alongside employees in every aspect of the business, Mr. Fukunaga proved to be a firm, but fair employer. His operations quickly grew to six mechanics and a blacksmith. When the garage merged with two others, Mr. Fukunaga was named manager and treasurer of the new enterprise.

In 1951, Mr. Fukunaga again demonstrated his commitment to employees by creating the first locally formed employee profit–sharing plan. In that same spirit, Servco more recently established the Servco Foundation, providing scholarships to the spouses and children of Servco employees to assist in their pursuit of higher education.

A Personal Commitment to Hard Work

Peter Fukunaga's commitment to hard work was evident, long before he opened his Haleiwa garage. Coming to Hawaii knowing little English, he got himself through Iolani School and the College of Hawaii. He then learned automotive repair as a mechanical helper at the Royal Hawaiian Sales Company and through a correspondence course, completed while in the hospital with a broken leg—in fact, he was still hobbling on crutches when he opened his two–car garage.

Peter Fukunaga's commitment also extended beyond Servco. In 1957, the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii named him 'Father of the Year.' Along with attaining American citizenship, Mr. Fukunaga considered this the honor that delighted him most. Likewise, Team Servco members serve on the boards of non–profit organizations, schools, parent/teacher associations and cultural groups. Others participated as  coaches, fund–raisers and volunteers of all kinds.

Today, we refer to ourselves as Team Servco, following in Peter Fukunaga's footsteps—our name is a constant reminder to always act as one in the interest of our customers.